Definitely the most unlucky person's age

Scientists have shown that at a certain age a person gets depressed, regardless of wealth, marital status or social status

The average age of people always prone to depression. To such conclusion the British scientists from the University of Warwick and their American colleagues from Dartmouth College, VZGLYAD.

As a result of large-scale statistical studies have shown that despite the fact that the old man approaching death, and in his youth is quite helpless, depressed covers the greatest man was after forty years.

Scientists believe that the crisis comes, regardless of wealth, gender, marital status, or social status. For the British the peak of depression accounts for 44 years. In the US, the most miserable feeling women aged 40 and men at age 50.

Experts have put forward several hypotheses for this phenomenon. On one of them, a young man people spend energy on something to achieve something, and in 30-40 years, they worry that they did not work, and old age, passing the difficult times, learn to accept themselves as they are .

The second theory is based on the grounds that those who feel happier, live longer. That is, those who are unhappy, just before dying.

The third version is that in a period of forty years, one sees how start dying relatives and friends, and he needed time to accept it in their lives and in full force to live.


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