The Chocolate Room in New York City (9 photos)

Chocolate Room Valentine's Day set up in New York, reports Associated Press.

The walls and the furniture in the room, including a dining table and chandelier above it, a sweet made of this material. Tablecloth lined by cells of white and dark chocolate, and paintings on the walls of the living room constructed of multi-colored sweets. Visitors to the situation have not tried the taste, almost all of it is protected by a special glass screen.

The exception is a sofa and armchairs, which can sit down - from chocolate made only their armrests. This, and a fireplace in the room, however, the wood in it, and his grill is also edible.

Creation of designer Larry Abel (Larry Abel) put up on the sixth floor of a building of the East End. Unusual bathroom is part of the advertising campaign, and in the end, will be eaten. It is expected that it will get as a bonus to the buyer 23-dollar gift set one Belgian chocolates confectionery companies.

In May, the chocolate lounge will be played in one of the hotel's Bryant Park Hotel (Bryant Park Hotel) in Manhattan.


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