Winter riding basins (26 photos)

Every February in Krylatskom passes magical event entitled "Pelvic Downhill». This costume race on economic basins. Of course, the competition was unofficial, non-profit, non-professional, absolutely does not follow any logic.

The participants' task is very simple: you have to move out from the mountain as quickly as possible, it is desirable to be in some ridiculous costume and be made on the intricately and lovingly prepared pelvis. But there is still a real purpose, it is much more serious. Home, of course - in a good mood, which should certainly share with others. It was easy to do, since only went up the slope, people fell into the company of madmen with rosy cheeks and smiles maximum width. Here is where you can feel that everything in life is simply to learn all the secrets of the universe.

Move down to the basin of the mountain - is not only a pleasant experience, but also a great art. Each participant has developed its own technology for the preparation and management of the basin.


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