Wine buffer (6 photos)

In the United States, as well as in Russia, at concerts and sporting events every people is prohibited to bring your favorite napitochki (even if not strong, but simply a man does not like, say, Pepsi). And while the organizers of mass events are rowing money with a shovel, stripping from the audience / fans a huge amount for a bottle of beer, cola, brains creak inventors struggled. Doskripelis. Now suffering from thirst women are offered a new sports bra with a secret "Wine Buffers».

In just 30 bucks girls will soon be able to receive additional volumes and attention from males. Bra not only increases the mold, but also holds up to 750ml of liquid. Included is a tube for drinking and small krantik to in a stampede at the entrance of an invigorating drink is not vydavili.Dlya male company offers a "beer belly" - 2, 3 liters. The truth is that there is to do when your belly - is unclear.


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