Jennifer Aniston has frozen her eggs

Unhappy in love actress Jennifer Aniston is said to have frozen their eggs to stop their "biological clock", reports Daily Mail.

Ex-boyfriend Brad Pitt, as we know, is eager to have a baby. But while the "handsome prince" has not appeared on the horizon, 39-year-old star decided to take some preventive measures.

"It was a very smart decision, because it gives Jennifer a few years to take the time" - said the source familiar with Star magazine.

Now in the developed countries women over the age of thirty years, offering consider freezing their eggs are still healthy, if they do not intend to have children in the near future. Otherwise, after 40 years of pregnancy can result in unwanted complications.

So women can greatly increase the chances of a favorable outcome of his future pregnancies if used at fertilization own eggs frozen at a younger age. As is well known, successful pregnancy outcome depends primarily on the age of the egg, not the age of the woman and her uterus.

Modern technologies allow for the survival of frozen 75% of frozen eggs. Over time, this figure will be closer to 90%.


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