I'd gone in fire

What feelings should cause embodied in stone or wood project designer? Well, the entire gamut not answer. But what he has to call the desire to be in it and will certainly come back, that's for sure.
This apartment building with regards to the first, and all sorts of office and other office buildings. Remember: "to work, on holiday┬╗
The design studio Berg Meister Wolf created perfect plague fire station project and make it a reality. In the rock drilled three caves. Three huge caves, intersecting with each drugom.V wall are three korpusa.Ofisy are in a glass cube that gives you free visibility in all directions and bring light into the room.

The beauty of the design studio had created indescribable. And it is a matter of choice for this decision is simple to banality - a shortage of land in the Alpine regions. When a person is forced to think, he still comes up with something original.


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