First smokeless electronic cigarette Gamucci


In the French city of Bordeaux held a presentation of the first smokeless electronic cigarette Gamucci, which produces steam instead of smoke.

How to claim the creators of e-cigarette Gamuchchi (Gamucci), first of all, their product will be in demand due to the general anti-tobacco madness (for example, smoking bans in Germany) in Europe and the United States, as it will allow smokers to enjoy their cigarettes without causing inconvenience others. Secondly, according to the manufacturers, the harm to health minimized, the risk of lung cancer is not present. Smoker gets its required dose of nicotine without exposure to the risk of harmful resins. Third, the use of the electronic cigarette does not bring about any harm to the environment - due to lack of (again) the harmful smoke and nasty bulls.


The cost of the kit is 78 euros, which includes a cigarette, two rechargeable battery, five replacement cartridges (16 mg of nicotine each), charge-transfer device and a special bag Gamucci. Additional cartridges (11 mg each), equivalent to the content of nicotine pack of cigarettes will be sold at about 2, 5 euros per share. Thus, alternative "electron-vapor" conventional smoking would be cheaper, at least in Western Europe.

Cigarettes are made up of the battery and connected to it "filter" - the nicotine cartridge. The battery heats the contents of the cartridge, and you inhale the vapor, nicotine and rich flavors, giving a taste of a couple of ordinary cigarettes or menthol or other flavors. And due to the fact that the steam is certainly not cold, and about the same temperature (ie 50-60 Celsius), as in a conventional cigarette smoke, feeling (according to manufacturer) are identical.




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