Ten famous freaks in the history of mankind

10th: Let's start with the British lord in the American service of Lord Cornbury. He once scored that opened the Assembly in NY in a blue ball gown with diamonds and silk shoes. Of course, in NY nobody knew that the Lord Kornberri - a transvestite, and puzzled questions he calmly replied that this dress gave him the Queen, so do not wear it, he just can not.

9th place: The great composer Rossini, who during the cold season wore just two, or even three wig. As a child very sick and was completely bald, and wear a hat on a wig considered simply ridiculous (just imagine the look of worn each other three wig).

8th place: Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Báthory believed that the only thing that can save her youth and beauty - is a cream made from the blood of virgins. They say that in his castle, she has exhausted at least 650 local babes.

7th place: the Spanish Queen Isabella plagued her maids of honor. One day, she issued a decree by which the waist surrounding females should not exceed 13 inches in volume, that is 32, 5 centimeters. Of course, the girls dragged into corsets, and say that some have died directly during royal receptions.

6th place: True, forced fan of outrageous, French race car driver Jean Behra. Once, during an accident, he lost his ear, so made his ear prosthesis made of transparent plastic and loved at all honest people to unfasten it from the head and put on the time of arrival in a plastic bag.

5th place: the famous beauties Mae West was artificially graft to 44th the size of his feet and implanted gold pads on the nipples.

4th place: The invention Elizabethan England - underlay under the cheeks rag balls to make the face look more round and smooth.

3rd place: Salvador Dali loved to indulge your favorite Gala spirits made from fish slime and manure. He used them myself, Gale getting any honor to smell it.

2nd place: George Washington. He had four false teeth, which he changed at the table during dinner. Washington said that different teeth help him deeply appreciate the taste of a dish. And rightly so, because no one else so do not try.

1st place: In England, the Elizabethan period, one of the most expensive products were sugar, so it became a sign of luxury to have curves and black teeth. Elizabeth herself never brush your teeth. Moreover, to keep your teeth brown, Elizabeth and all the noble English aristocrats rubbed their special ointment.


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