The generation born from 1970 to 1980. Look at these people. Like all different. But carefully priglyadites.Est them something in common. It still puzzled look of the child to the surrounding reality ... A look cynical, but still children. And I want to talk about this generation. Our generation. My generation ...
It is broken, like the branches of hazel, ugly bent as cedar elfin wood - we are taught from childhood to one outlook and paradigm, and then knocked on the border of adolescence support from under his feet and started to break the other, abused all the same.

Generation after us more than the market, mercantile - they already know what they want and how much it costs. Romance - this is my grandmother's books. There's also the honor, dignity and love - things of this life to have no relation. Reality - the "Brigade" Jeep "GrandCherokki" and tops, which is not sechet.Eto their contrasting lives, younger and aspirations, because their real goal is achievable.

The generation before us - hardened romance, people of socialist thinking. "Unit - nonsense, unit - zero," "Sam dies, and save your comrade." Collectivism, team spirit and the eye of Big Brother formed a strange mixture of romanticism taiga, high Intelligence, a permanent concern for the fate of peace and internal stability. Because of such people has won the Second World War, it launched a satellite into space and laid the Bam. Their insatiable and no groundless optimism, their "own pride" irritated to the last damned imperialists of their irrationality. And if the generation "after" God is money, then the generation of the "before" - spirituality. Perverted, but all the same spirituality.

And in the middle of us. Lost generation. Without rudder and without sails, without a goal. We want the money, but do not want the lack of spirituality. We were bored in a golden cage, which we have seen only on TV, but there is no faith and the desire to turn this world. Hate the young, arrogant and more enterprising and with contempt look at the "scoops" stuck in the era of undeveloped sotsializma.Chego something we want and who we do not know. "Paul stood with one foot in the past, the second - in the future, and between his legs was a shocking reality" (works from the school). "The shocking reality" - that's us. Therefore, the rush from one extreme to another, from the freaky delirium to the divine revelations of suicide "for nothing" to the heights of power, which also brings us satisfaction. Or, scoring all, we look at the life flowing past the philosophical thinking of the impermanence of life. Generation nigelistov, all the while doubting in himself, and in reality, is always intrinsically uncertain, hidden and concealed, for a little kid inside of us and not turn into an adult. Hence the cynicism and apathy and shitty world view. We are bad everywhere. We would pozhelet, but no one, and do we not learned to pity.

And this constant obsession with the idea that everything you do, you do not, not right at the wrong time. I do not know how it can be described more sensibly. It's a disease. The disease killed adults with childhood.

I'm not asking you to Sympathy. I'm not asking for pity or understanding.
I just want you to know.


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