Tea bridge in China

Mexican architect, founder of the Bureau of Laboratory of Architecture (LAR), Fernando Romero once developed the concept of bridge-museum on the border of Mexico and the United States. The bridge was wearing philosophical and museum tells the history of relations between the two states. However, the ideas have remained on paper.

Not surprisingly, when bureau Fernando Romero received an order for a bridge in a park in Jinhua Architectural Park (Zhinhua, China), the architect has made every effort to ensure that would be unfulfilled, but "weathered" by architect bridge design museum, has been implemented.

The project combines the two functions of traditional Chinese culture - the tea house and the bridge itself.
Reinforced external web subordinated to one plastic inside, she creates spatial chaos.
Jinhua Architectural Park - this park of 17 art objects and small pavilions, based on the poetry of a Chinese poet.


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