ZaUralovsky Paris (4 photos)

In the Urals there are Paris, Berlin, Leipzig, Varna and even Fershampenuaz. And with the advent of mobile operators there and the Eiffel Tower appeared.

Ural villages have developed their high-profile European title after 1812, when the Cossacks in the Russian army entered the capital city and the vanquished nations. Their names are in mockery of the former winners of arrogance gave the most run-down villages. There are among them, and Kassel, and Varna, and Arsi.

Now it's not much of any settlements - a modest provincial village, with all its attendant problems - the outflow of young people, lack of funds, heavy agricultural labor. But lately there frequent travelers - as a native Russian, and yet foreign.

Draws them here is not only the nature of the Urals, and the Eiffel Tower, built in Paris Nagaybaksky Chelyabinsk region. He built it on the Zlatoust plant metal structures and ordered and paid for the work of the Ural craftsmen local mobile operator. Yes, actually, transmission tower he still had to build, and then have the opportunity to do it with some grace.

Well, the idea was a success - in the Urals, there is another point of interest. However, it is not as grandiose as its "big sister". Some sources indicate that it is four times smaller than the French, in others, which is five in the third, six. If suddenly you know what the height of the Ural miracle - let us know, please.


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