AMP Technical Services DSR-1

Caliber: 7.62mm NATO (.308Win), .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua Mag
mechanism: a longitudinally sliding, rotating bolt, manual perzaryazhanie
Barrel: 650 mm
Weight: 5.9 kg without sight and ammunition
Length: 990 mm
Shop: 5 (.308) or 4 (.300WM, .338) rounds detachable box magazine.

DSR-1 rifle was developed in Germany by AMP Technical Services, taking into account the experience gained in the creation of rifles ERMA SR-100 (discontinued) - one of the most accurate sniper rifles in the world. DSR-1 was designed as a specialized sniper weapon for use in police operations and counterterrorist plan requiring maximum accuracy and providing relatively simple (compared with military operations) operating conditions.

DSR-1 is based on the scheme bullpup (shop and slide group located behind the trigger). Swim trunks, with longitudinal dales to reduce weight and improve cooling, is equipped with a massive muzzle brake. Quick-trunk is fixed in the receiver with three screws. Butterfly valve has six locking lugs in front of and just behind the locked breech. Store single-row, spare store is located in a special slot in front of the trigger guard. The Lodge is fully adjustable, with adjustable pillow under his cheek, back support and adjustable fore-aft position. Folding bipod attached to special rails above the barrel and provide the necessary movement of the rifle on all three axes. Descent adjustable, with perduprezhdeniem. The rifle has a two-way fuse located above the trigger guard.

DSR-1 provides extremely high accuracy - up to 0.2 MOA (minutes of arc), ie at a distance of 100 meters distance between the centers of five hits in the order of 5 millimeters (target formed a hole about the size of half the diameter of the bullet). Naturally, these results are achieved when firing special sniper cartridges and in good weather conditions (no wind).

DSR-1 is armed with an elite German counterterrorist group GSG-9, as well as a number of other police and counterterrorist units in Europe.


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