Bill Gates showed the new Microsoft development

Vertical touch wall TouchWall was presented at the CEO Summit 2008.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates at the annual meeting of CEOs CEO Summit 2008 showed another conceptual development corporation - a vertical wall TouchWall, respond to touch.

The device is the latest creation TouchWall research laboratory Microsoft Research, the walls of which were created computerized tables Microsoft Surface.

Recall that the system is equipped with a Surface-screen with a diagonal of 30 inches, and inside the device mounted powerful computer, camera and projector. Surface can recognize objects on its surface and the movement of hands. Surface can interact with multiple users by touching the screen. The system can recognize a pressed simultaneously in several tens of pixels.

Wall TouchWall, according to the Washington Post, is organized differently. The basis of the system to lay the computer on the basis of Windows Vista with special software Plex, responsible for the user interface. Three infrared laser continuously scans the surface of the screen, and an infrared camera captures the moment of appearance of objects in the path of the rays and transmits this information to the computer. Thus, the system determines the location and touching the screen, whose role in the early prototypes played conventional cardboard sheet.

Apparatus TouchWall, shown during CEO Summit 2008, consisted of a PC, an infrared camera, lasers, projector and screen sizes of about 1, 8 1 x 2 meter manufactured using plexiglass. In the future, the walls TouchWall could be used as an interactive billboards, in training and entertainment purposes, presentations and so on. The truth is, Microsoft has no plans to withdraw a novelty on the market.


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