15 interesting facts about hockey

1. It turns out that the first puck for the game of hockey has a square shape.

2. According to the Detroit Free Press at least one tooth lost on the ice 68 percent of professional hockey players.

3. Already in the first game against Canada at the World Championships in 1954, the USSR national team inflicted a crushing defeat of 7: 2.

4. Despite the impressive physical strength, many superstitious players. For example, John Maddin believes that the change of lace on skates after every practice and after each period brings him luck.

5. During heavy blows airspeed washer reaches 193 km / h.

6. Fill the ice machine for California resident came up with Frank Zamboni in 1945.

7. The word "hockey" has French roots. The name of the game comes from the word "hoquet", which meant "shepherd's crook".

8. Hockey puck is made of vulcanized rubber and weighs 200 grams. Before the game, it is frozen, so as not to spring.

9. According to the rules of the National Hockey League players are allowed upotreblint aspirin, drugs and alcohol.

10. Thick ice prevents rapid slip, so it is usually poured on ice 7, 6-10 cm.

11. Hockey - rapid game, so the ball has only 0, 45 seconds to react to the shot, made with 18, 3 meters from the gate.

12. The first hockey game was held March 3, 1875 in Montreal at the rink "Victoria", as written in the local newspaper «Montreal Gazette».

13. The first hockey team consisted of nine people, then seven, and only in 1904 the team became six people.

14. Now prestigious award NHL Stanley Cup was once purchased by Frederick Arthur, Lord Stanley of £ 10.

15. Until 18 May 2008 15 years Russia has not won the world hockey championship.


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