Exhibition of rare samurai swords opens in Moscow

In the Moscow Kremlin opens the exhibition, which will showcase the most valuable and protected exhibits. The collection includes 73 swords and most of them have never been exported outside Japan.

The first part of the exhibition in the Assumption Belfry is in the Kremlin devoted to combat weapons. The second part, which exhibits are objects of decorative art can be seen in the new exhibition hall, which is located in the One-Pillar Chamber. Most of the sword belongs to the Edo period, the Tokugawa reign (1603-1863). It was during this time period samurai were ranked the most respectable segment of the population.

In contrast to the European arms which for the most part consists of large flat metal sheets, the Japanese weapon made from different materials and manufacturing technology is very complex, so that things are easy and more functionality. It is not just a means of protection, as indicator of social status and a piece of art.

The Japanese believe that the sword embodies the soul of the samurai. It is also a symbol of national culture and the most popular collectible among fans of antiques and ancient art.

The exhibition can be visited until 16 July.


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