The strongest # Meditation for opening its internal forces and execution cherished desire

To begin with, you can ask someone from the family to read you this meditation, and then you will remember it and it's easy to repeat yourself.
Take a comfortable position, relax. Start with breathing. The inspiration breath. Inhale-exhale.
Try to focus only on their feelings.
Relaxed legs, arms, the whole body is in a pleasant lightness.
You feel like a nice gentle breeze touches your forehead, refreshing and rejuvenating your senses. Peace and ease. Light and feel you breathing.
Now imagine how one after another open all your # chakras - energy centers. Suppose that in this case they look like beautiful flowers.
Opens muladhara. Red flower blooms at the base of the spine.
SWADHISTAN opens. Disclosed orange flower just above the first one.
Opens Manipur. Yellow flower blossoms in the navel.
Anahata offers. Flower blooms of green in the heart.
Vishudha opens. Blue flower in the throat.
Ajna opens. Blue flower blossoms in the third eye.
Sahasrara opens. Thousand-petalled lotus blossoms on your crown.
All of these delightful flowers shine and shimmer, filling you with strength and energy.
Now they form a transparent cocoon of multicolored light that envelops you and you become weightless. You feel as easy as leaf in the wind, you climb to the top. You find yourself in a beautiful bright place where the air is filled with the wonderful aroma, the birds chirp. You are very calm and well here.

You see that in front of you an endless blue sky, on which light clouds float.
And, lo and behold, right in front of you falls luxurious gold staircase leading into the sky. Do you feel a surge of joy, because this staircase - for you! You picks up the light wave, and you begin to climb stairs golden ladder. Slowly at first, then faster and faster.

The last step you overcome very easily, just take off. The moment when you find yourself at the top of the height of heaven to you a beautiful golden bird arrives and sits down next to you. And you realize that this bird of happiness! Here it is very close. Bird of Happiness flap their wings, and before you grow fabulous royal throne. It's for you. You deserve the royal throne.

You take a deep breath and sits on the throne. Bird of Happiness rises and sets at your shoulder. You feel peace and joy.

It is finished! You have reached the highest position, which only dreamed of. Bird of Happiness his golden beak graceful hoisting the crown on your head. You Queen in the Divine kingdom of harmony, beauty and love! Feel his crown, feel its heaviness and weight on the head.

And now the most important thing: look at the boundless world that opens before you. You can now everything. There is no, absolutely no restrictions for you. Imagine the most sublime and wonderful pictures of your life now. Remember that all your desires are fulfilled and dreams are embodied.

Wish everything you want, and believe that the infinite love of God is always with you ....


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