One hundred passengers on the plane burned

On Tuesday evening, a powerful fire broke out aboard one of the airliners that landed at the airport in the capital of Sudan Khartoum. On board passenger aircraft were about two hundred people.

Currently working at the scene firefighters and rescuers, RIA "Novosti". According to preliminary information, the fire killed at least a hundred people.

Witnesses said that the airliner was trying to make an emergency landing. However, the aircraft skidded off the runway. After this explosion and started a large fire. The fire quickly engulfed the whole plane, ITAR-TASS reported.

To help the lost passengers immediately left fire brigades and the machine "emergency". On the number of survivors in the crash is not known yet. According to some data, on board the aircraft were from one hundred eighty to two hundred people. The aircraft flew from Amman - Jordan's capital.

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