Chelyabinsk drivers are so severe that travel to radioactive cars!

At the inhabitant of the Chelyabinsk region, Kazakhstan intends to enter, the staff of the customs post "Nikolaevka" Magnitogorsk area during the inspection found on the dashboard of his car part of the aircraft, covered with a layer of radioactive substances "Radium-226." It is reported by "Interfax" referring to the statement of representatives of Magnitogorsk customs.
According to the agency, to the dashboard of a car tape was attached to the so-called index slide plane, measuring the level of the bank and is part of electronic Indicator. The owner explained that he found the device in an abandoned warehouse near the airport of Chelyabinsk and, although he is a specialist in aircraft instrumentation, but what a pointer is radioactive - did not know.

As established experts, the radiation level in the car is more than six times higher than the critical mark of one microsieverts per hour. Removal of radioactive device is planned in the near future to bury, but against the driver of the car to initiate administrative proceedings on the fact of non-declaration of the device.


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