ASI Tetsu GTR coupe based on the exclusive Bentley Continental GT

Japanese tuning company ASI, specializing in tuning luxury Bentley, presented his new job - an amazing coupe Tetsu GTR, constructed on the basis of the classic Bentley Continental GT.

The strangest part of this car is painted hood. It's not that it somehow is not painted, but the fact that the image on the cover of the hood Bentley flowers - this is certainly very brave, defiant and an amateur.

Despite the fact that the drawing is made excellent Japanese Tetsuya Nakamura avtohudozhnikom (Nakamura Tetsuei), hardly a relevant painted flowers on the hood of a car worth $ 800,000, issued in the amount of 29 pieces. In addition to the massive body kit, tuning package consists of a rigid carbon fiber hood, rear trunk spoiler, side skirts, a special rear bumper diffuser equipped with built-in exhaust system. In addition, the exclusive car hides in its bosom 6 0 l W-shaped 12-cylinder engine, from which engineers through a series of technical tricks have managed to "squeeze" a staggering 800 hp


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