Men's hair, 2008: Recent trends and opinions stylists

Deciding what to choose a hairstyle for men are less complex than for women. After all, a new haircut completely change the usual image. What kind of men's haircuts are now in vogue, and how often should produce a "restyling" shag? What are the age restrictions for the avant-garde hairstyles? Answers prepared to have stylists!

The most interesting trends in hairstyles 2008?

Elementary question: where should be parted? Stylists say that now it does not matter. Parting is where the hair is parted in the middle decay naturally, and then apply a little styling to give the gloss appearance of hair. No violence! Indeed, it is nostalgia for 1940 and 1950 - the period of Humphrey Bogart, Al Capone. Look at old movie Superman and Clark Kent, his hair - what you need.

Is there a classic hairstyles that go from season to season?

Yes, but the concept of "classic hairstyle" in any case, a new meaning with time. Today the classic of the genre is considered slightly disheveled, heavily textured hair, which creates the effect of bed head - «just out of bed." Do not overdo it with styling products: Needle matted locks - for those who are stuck in the 90s.

What is the hair that does not require installation?

This haircut is so well executed that requires a minimum of effort on laying. If the master was doing haircut, focusing on the shape of the head, an oval face and hair type, it is easy to bear itself. Otherwise you will have to spend too much time and styling products out to look properly.

What is the biggest possible mistake in creating hairstyles?

The biggest mistake - the wrong choice of styling products. For example, wax or "jamming" styling with glitter effect adds vitality and moisturizing dry hair, but that's normal and bold will not work - just give them a greasy appearance. For hair that do not require moistening (normal, greasy) choose styling with a matte effect (usually indicated on the package).

Another common blunder - too many styling products. Apply it to be dry (not wet) hair.

Choose the right shampoo, because here, too, can be done a lot of mistakes. If your hair is thin and brittle, do not use a moisturizing shampoo: it is weighing them and deprive volume.

Is it normal for men to dye your hair?

Today, at the high point of the cosmetic industry, a variety of hair dyes is more than enough. Men's ink are more natural hues in a palette of many colors based on gray - gray color, and you tend to paint gentlemen. Nothing wrong with that.

Highlights - it still fashionable?

Highlighting is irrelevant. Perhaps the only good one variant: the strands of hair, lighten or darken one tone. This painting gives hair volume, shape, and if it is a clarification of one tone, then the effect of sun-bleached locks.


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