The rules of etiquette. Common Errors:

Umbrella NEVER dried in the open state - either in the office or on the road. It needs to be folded and put in a special stand or hang.
BAG NOT put on your lap or on your chair. Small elegant handbag, clutch bag can be put on the table, bulk bag to hang on the back of a chair, or put on the floor, if there is no special chair (such is often served in restaurants). Portfolio put on the floor.
Cellophane bags are only permitted after returning from the supermarket, as well as paper bags, branded boutiques. Then wear them with you as a bag - zhlobstvo.
Home clothes - it's pants and sweater, comfortable, but with a decent view. Bathrobe, pajamas are designed to reach the bathroom in the morning and in the evening - from the bathroom to the bedroom.
Since then, as a child resides in a separate room, accustomed to knock, coming to him. Then he will do the same before entering into your bedroom.
A woman can not shoot indoors hat and gloves, but no hat and mittens.


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