Angry driver smashed an armored car collector

He was so angry that he punched a wrench armored glass

This battle was like a clash of David and Goliath. There was something to admire! Puny-looking little man took the attack an armored car collector. But if David was in the hands of the stone, then the Khabarovsk hero armed with an impressive wrench.

It all began banal. At the turn of "Gazelle" hooked "Toyota". From it came a three-story mat and trace - popped white with rage guy. Spewing horrible curses, he took out from the trunk of a wrench and went on offenders. Stunned collectors decided to act on the instructions - that is to close in the cabin and called for help. But no amount of instruction could not predict further developments. Peasant key tapped on the glass. Like, get out - we'll talk. Responses of "Gazelle" was not followed. The man knocked harder. The same result.

 - Underpants! - Cried the man, and began pounding on the armored car key, like a distant ancestor of mammoths. And bullet-proof (!) Glass can not stand it! Collectors were ready to use the weapon, but the guy pacified the police rushed to the spot. However, the driver still managed to cut down one of their law enforcement blow to the jaw.

Collectors got out only when Brawler stuck in the "funnels".


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