Mobula - flying sea devil!

Scat Mobula - electrical relative well-known sea-devil, which is found in the Gulf of Mexico. They jump out of the water for a few meters, executing a somersault in the air and unthinkable pirouettes. At the same time, scientists can not explain why Mobule need such "fly" over the sea !?

Many theories, some argue that - part of the ritual of courtship, the other - a way to get rid of parasites, and others - kind of hunting. There is also a version that mobul it's just a form of entertainment - to spread their "wings" and float on the surface of the water throughout the flock. A "sweep" of the wings, in the meantime, they reach 3 to 5 meters. At such moments, share experiences sailors, it seems that the sea is covered with some kind of a magic carpet.

Unfortunately, these wonderful fish-birds are considered an endangered species. Their number is rapidly shrinking due to industrial catch.


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