Sweet crystals grow.

In crystal growth already two good! First - sweets for the children, and the second - the study of chemistry, the children will remember for a lifetime fun, tasty, sweet, colorful chemical reaction. You will need the ingredients: wide-mouthed jars or cups, wooden skewers, clothespins, food colorings, flavorings, sugar and a lot a lot a lot a lot of patience!

Need proportion - 10 cups of sugar to 4 cups of water. Pour into the pan 4 cups of water and pour 4 cups of sugar, put on fire (note that our solution will increase in volume, pan, take a little more), over medium heat bring to a boil and add the remaining sugar while stirring regularly. When the sugar has dissolved all, aside from the fire pan for 15 minutes.

While our solution cools, prepare the sticks. Soak them in water, then put in the sugar, to initiate the formation of crystals, wet sticks - sugar will stick. After that, it is necessary to stick with sugar adhered to dry completely, even if the sticks are slightly moist - you do not get when you put them into the hot sugar solution, the sugar crystals and new osypetsya nothing to grow.

Pour the sugar syrup into glass jars or cans, food coloring added. Slowly lower the rod into the solution and fix clothespins. Please note that the sticks do not touch the bottom or banks or each other, between them should stay away for fouling crystals.

Put the jar in a warm and sunny place. The crystals will be ready in a week.


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