The Western press - Moscow checkmates

Georgian-Ossetian conflict unfolded, and its follow-up discussion demonstrated double standards in international politics. Western media remind: to criticize Russia is now useless. Especially from the United States. It is the policy of the White House provoked the spread of such conflicts worldwide. Moscow is only played on the proposed regulations and the West announced mat. With that now have to be considered ...

"All last week, the world watched a brilliant and brutal batch of Russian national game - the game of chess. Party, which Moscow has just declared checkmate, "- wrote in Thursday's The Times.
Chess, the newspaper reminds, should always be prepared to have to ignore provocations, to sacrifice, if need be, a couple-three pawns and turn the hubris of the enemy into a trap.
"Putin has lost a lot of pawns: Kosovo, Iraq, the entry of the Baltic states into NATO, the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, the emergence of American missiles in Poland and the Czech Republic. But he waited. The trap was set in Georgia - and when President Saakashvili against the Soviets US violated its own promises, foolishly rushed into South Ossetia, giving the army the order to shoot, maim and kill people on a massive scale, Russia was ready and did not do any wrong move "- writes the British daily.
The Times says that what Bush said yesterday, it does not matter; five days Moscow has made the stupid mistake of the enemy, supported by the West, in the catastrophic certificate impotence of the West, its incompleteness and the habit of double standards in the assessment of national sovereignty.
"Not a single major power do not like it if the other breaks into its territory and begins to engage in poaching. It is immoral, it is unjust, but it is reality - the reality behind such thing as a veto in the Security Council. For two hundred years of US policy was the Monroe Doctrine - "hands off the Americas." And America is not even the risk of war in order to drive out the other powers - but to eradicate alien ideology; examples of this - Cuba and Nicaragua ", - notes the newspaper.
"Putin would die laughing if he read the latest American newspapers. President George W. Bush declared the Russian invasion of Georgia "disproportionate and unacceptable." Bush says that great powers should not "engage in the XXI century the overthrow of governments," as if he had never done such. America is otherwise engaged in wars that bear a marked resemblance to those waged by Putin. She defended the Kurdish enclaves of Saddam Hussein, she sought regime change in Serbia and Afghanistan, "- says The Guardian.
"Once it was possible to prevent the spread of such conflicts, referring to the UN demand to respect national sovereignty. By the liberal interventionism of George Bush and Tony Blair is no longer working, "- emphasizes the newspaper.
At the same time the United States preferred to confine the critical rhetoric against Russia, thereby rendering it one more service. "Moscow can now cast doubt on the reliability of the United States. America put itself an unreliable partner, who hesitates to help when an ally is in trouble. Wherever the US wants to expand its influence, that message is understood properly: in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Now the debate about the planned US deployment of elements of a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic are seen in a different light, "- said the German Handelsblatt.
"Russia showed that its support can help people to dispose of their own destiny. It also weakened Georgia, not only militarily but also internationally by lowering its chances of quick accession to NATO, and thus prevented the programmed elimination of Russia from the South Caucasus. This war is a result of the evidence of Russia's return to the international arena, Russia, confident, without complexes declare their national interests and - was not there before - the consent of the community of nations to deal precisely with the Russian, not a weak state " - writes Le Figaro.
The best way for Georgia in the current situation would be the recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, because now she can take them back only if the Russian government will collapse, says the Financial Times.
"The current conflict was a humiliation for the United States, but it may have saved us from the far more catastrophic consequences. Namely - if Georgia and Ukraine were invited to membership in NATO, in the case of conflict with Russia, the alliance was formally obliged to assist them - and still it would not have made. And should not even wonder whether this - first of all because the NATO expansion will significantly increase the likelihood of such conflicts, "- emphasizes the journalist edition.

PS I add from myself - I am proud of our country !!! Proud as we arrived fairly proud because everything was designed properly, proud as it is not involved in the war, did not go to Tbilisi, since it would be justification for a bloody war, and thus all the plans which put the bastard and the US collapsed !!! Military completed the task - a low bow to them !!!


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