Personal folding amphibian ICON A5

The American company ICON Aircraft has introduced a light sport aircraft ICON A5. Folding amphibious aircraft capable of flying, to move on land and on water, claims the high level of comfort, decent speed and a certain level of prestige.

Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) ICON A5.

The length of a personal aircraft is only 6, 7 meters with a wingspan of 10, 5 meters, while, ICON A5 is capable of becoming even smaller, if you put his wings. The mechanism of the folding and unfolding of the wings laid out in such a way that a person can quickly perform this operation manually. Mini Jet rises into the sky during acceleration to 195 kilometers per hour, to run and run after planting machine need only 230 meters. In addition to the land unit can be operated on the water - ICON A5 is able to take off from the water and sit on it.

Price universal machine is 139 thousand dollars in the base set. Receiving orders have already begun, the first buyers will get ICON A5 in 2010.

The process of assembling a universal vehicle ICON A5.

The first presentation of a personal aircraft ICON A5.


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