Nikolai Valuev won the title

Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev won heavyweight world title among professionals according to the World Boxing Association, defeating American John Ruiz. The battle took place in the Berlin Sports Palace named after legendary boxer Max Schmeling.

During the fight, observed 10, 5 thousand spectators, including many Russian fans who supported Nikolai Valuev, chanting "Nick!" And "Valuev!". The fight lasted 12 rounds and Valuev advantage over John Ruiz did not cause doubts. ITAR-TASS, in the 10th round of the American boxer fell to his knees, and in the 11th round lost his balance and almost stayed on his feet. After scoring the overall ratio was clearly in favor of Nikolai Valuev.

Accepting congratulations, WBA champion said that he would give battle assessment after scan video. But now he can say that "sold himself not 100 percent," in particular, it was not always possible to keep Ruiz at a distance and prevents breakouts. Responding to a question, with whom he would like to measure themselves, Nikolai Valuev said he was not against conduct another fight with John Ruiz.


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