Fire in the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah

Early this morning in Dubai hotel "Atlantis» (Atlantis) was a fire that engulfed the building, where the lobby. The fire was stopped, but there were concerns about the postponement of the opening of a miracle - the hotel "Atlantis". Prior to the opening date of the incident, "Atlantis" was planned for 24 September 2008.

Atlantis Resort, The Palm Jumeriah. Photo: AP.

Five-star hotel "Atlantis" is located on an artificial island in the shape of palm trees "Palm Jumeirah» (The Palm Jumeirah), on the coast of the Persian Gulf. At the hotel "Atlantis" are also impressive water park and open-air aquarium and dolphinarium.

Fire in the hotel "Atlantis". Photos: Reuters, AFP.


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