Funny poem

Why are you wearing shorts?

I aortic rupture.

Erotic volcano - Your shorts. As a trap.

Drew the eye magnet,

Everything is covered in openly.

This luxury stupefying,

As wave shakes me.

In the usual questions

The answer at random.

Norovlyu, not too oblique,

At least for once, take a quick look.

Teases power buttocks!

Cheeks tightly cramped.

Well, where is the good?

You deliberately, to spite me,

Tilt, adjusting

Strap sandals.

By the end of usugublinya

My tetanus and a wild shock.

How juicy sausage

Looks eagerly kobelёk,

And I saw a fairy tale.

And do not need a leash.

Tame in an instant.

For you go, like a shadow.

Composed a poem.

Tomorrow put on them again.)))


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