Top 10: The most bizarre positions in the world

10th: The Japanese invention belongs to the tourist office of ambassador. These ambassadors are promoting their country in order to attract more tourists to it.

9th place: In Venice there is a vice squad. Basically, this encourages the police unnecessarily expose tourists to regain a respectable appearance.

8th place: Santa Barbara, California, at the Biltmore Four Seasons can see the falconer, parking for guests of the show with a hawk.

7th place: In Paris, there is a guide to the sewer system. On the kind of activity it speaks job title.

6th place: Among LEGOLAND (Carlsbad, CA) is the position of professional collector LEGO. Of the details of the famous designer, these people sometimes create entire landscapes.

5th place: In Helsinki there are taxi drivers, equipped with karaoke. Accordingly, a taxi costs more than usual.

4th place: At the airport of Zurich are working hunters. They catch the passengers escaped birds and animals.

3rd place: On the island of St. Thomas (Virgin Islands), at the Ritz-Carlton has a position of "coconut" safety engineer. He sees to it that the falling coconuts are not violated vacation hotel guests.

2nd place: In Memphis (USA), at the Peabody ducks can find a coach. He is responsible for the organization of a ceremonial procession of his players about the hotel - from the roof to the fountain.

1st place: The hotel Amanbagh (Rajasthan, India) on a post obezyanschika working man drives away from the Kushan primates tourists.


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