Modern proverbs

1. The early risers - one away from work LIVES.

2. Nothing on earth can be better THAN BED squeak before dawn

3. LABEL in the toilet: the main thing not to run AND EXPLAIN.

4. JEALOUSY - suspicions that changes not only you but YOU AND

5. HOW BIN NO rammed - Provide still have.

6. Few people know that if you punch in the glass, you will get SCHEME Moscow metro.

7. Our MOTTO is unbeatable - excited and will give NOT !!!

8. I am not sad, I'm sober.

9. Personally, I invest in VODKA! Where else can you get 40%?

10. How time flies: Do not have time to wake up, and already late for work.

11. Loneliness - is when you always know who NASVINYACHIL IN THE KITCHEN.

12. Bypass decomposition RAKE - you lose precious experience !!!

13. Go through the road, do not look at the traffic light, and by the machine - Traffic lights anyone yet not break

14. I was kicked out of the house. FOR absenteeism


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