Escaped circus elephant collided with a bus

Huge elephant escaped from a Mexican circus and left on the roadway, was hit by a bus. As the Associated Press, the incident occurred near the town of Ekatepek, north of Mexico City. It is learned that the elephant named Indra weighing 5 tons escaped from the metal cage and began to wander the streets of the district. When he decided to cross a busy highway, crashed into a passenger bus.

The accident killed 49-year-old bus driver Tomas Lopez, four passengers were hospitalized. The animal from strong shocks also killed.

Cases where the wild animals, to break free, go to the roadway and prevent the movement of vehicles, taking place in the world on a regular basis. So, in July of this year the Austrian Town Welcome highway blocked the herd escaped from the circus camels. In May, the Romanian Brasov traffic for two hours was completely paralyzed due to bear with cub, walking down the road. And in November 2007 in the US state of Ohio drivers were horrified at the sight of a lion escaped from the cage - an animal, being on a busy highway, started chasing cars.


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