Halloween tykvomaniya in Germany and America

One of the main attributes of a holiday Halloween jack-o'-lantern (Jack-o-Lantern) in the form of a head of carved pumpkin with a candle inside. Pumpkin and symbolizes the end of the harvest, and the evil spirit, and fire, which should scare him off.

The appearance of this symbol is most often associated with an Irish legend about a man named Jack, an old farmer, gamblers and spirits. He has twice cheated the devil, without giving his soul to the custody, and when the day of reckoning came, he did not get any Paradise (because of his vicious life) nor to hell because he was afraid of the devil tricks. He was doomed to wander the world with a pumpkin head with embers inside her.

The image of the heart, lined with pumpkins in the town of Moritzburg, East Germany.

Pumpkin and lemurs.

Tykvomaniya in the German town Klaystou.

Exhibition pumpkin crop farm Klaystou.


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