Funny quotes from the explanatory notes after accident

The accident occurred because the insured person moped drove into me with irresistible horsepower.
I wanted to press the brake pedal, but did not find her.
Because of the severe damage my bike and me had otbuksirovat.Da, I ran over a pedestrian.
But his guilt is confirmed by the fact that it is already happening.

Pedestrian ran down the road like a wound. I was forced to actively maneuver to go after him.

I was driving down the road. Suddenly, the right and left there were many cars. I did not know where to turn and crashed into the car in front and behind.

Your arguments are ridiculous. For such excuses find yourself someone stupider me, although you are unlikely to find it.

I was driving in the right lane in the direction of Königsplatz Gertsogshtrasse a speed of about 40 km / h. Suddenly on the road jumped child, and I slowed down. Follow me driver decided to take advantage of it and crashed into me.

A police officer ordered me to stop, and I drove into a pillar.

I saw that the pedestrian does not know which way to go, and ran over him.

When entering the left turn brought me, I ran into a vegetable collapse (I showered a hail of flying bananas and oranges!), Then blew standing on the roadside mailbox, then I was thrown into oncoming traffic, I rammed two parked cars and fell under the the slope of the road. After that, I unfortunately lost control of the car.

My son is not no woman knocked down. He drove past it. A personal injury caused Mrs. Stein airflow.

My bike went off the walkway, rammed a parked Porsche and drove on without me.

I was crossing the street. From left to right at me was driving the car. I thought that it will pass by, and took a step back. But she turned back to me. When I saw it, I took two steps forward. The driver did not respond and continued to ride me. Then he cried out: I stood up, and then he hit me.

Last night, returning home, I drove a car into the fence. Report this just to cover the damage the car, because I managed to escape from the scene unnoticed.

According to my estimates, the damage ranges from 250 thousand to a quarter of a million euros.

In his reply to my letter of June 26, requesting account you kindly call me that, combined with my name Friedrich gives rise to suspicions distressing.

At the crossroads with me had a sudden attack of color blindness.

Member of the accident crashed into me without telling me beforehand about their intentions.

In the accident occurred not blame me, as a young girl in a miniskirt, which took place on the sidewalk! If you are a man, you this explanation is sufficient, and if a woman, you still will not understand anything!

Pedestrian rushed to my car and silently disappeared under the wheels.

Even before I hit him, it was clear that the old man will not reach the other side of the street.

Completely invisible car came out of nowhere, crashed into me and just disappeared.

After four years away, I fell asleep at the wheel.

At that moment, when I wanted to kill a fly, I drove on telegraph pole.

I saw slowly sailing past a pedestrian sad face, and then he hit me in the windshield.

The injured horse crossing the road without making sure there is no noise! ​​

The car the victim was moving left, then right, then left again until I finally could not bump into it.

My fiancee showed policemen working at the scene, everything that you may want to see.

I went back and because he could not see how the car drove up front and crashed on me left and right.

Deer took to their heels and disappeared into the bushes, not caring about their injuries.

On the way to the suicidal throw jumped hare. He managed to kill himself at the cost of my new bumper

I was driving the car. Suddenly he began to blink at once both "indicator". I could not figure out which way he turned and bumped into him.


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