Original yacht (39 photos)

This unusual vehicle is made on the basis of a very rare aircraft "Boeing 307 Stratoliner», built in 1937. Its owner was a pioneer of aviation and aircraft manufacturer other than Howard Hughes.
However, the current owners of the plane, David and his company R.Drimmer PlaneBoats, reconstructed it beyond recognition and turned into something between a plane and a boat. Legendary "Boeing-307" was the casual luxury yacht.

The ship was called "Cosmic Muffin» (Cosmic Muffin). Preserved inside the cockpit, from which the control of the boat. However, the speed of movement, carried out with the help of the engine is exactly the same used in the "Boeing" V-8 engine, can reach a little more than 32 km / h.
However, for those who want to spend time with comfort in an unusual cruise, so low speed does not hurt to enjoy the ride.


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