Evakuatorschiki lyutuyut (4 photos)

A foreign car with a sleeping eighteen-month baby were evacuated from the bus stop in the city center. Tragedy did not happen - to reunite the child with the unlucky mummy took about an hour. The situation - is not new. But no less scandalous. Mother recognizes that violated traffic rules. But her lawyer says: statements to the prosecution and claims for non-pecuniary damage and the actions of the traffic police will evakuatorschikov.

As told "Fontanka" Tatiana Lukin, the owner of the car and evacuated mother of the child, at 13:40 she left her car on the street Potemkin, 7 - not far from the German Consulate, where she was to pick up the visa. The car was placed in the zone of the sign "stop is forbidden", but others did not have availability, and the lady decided to leave the car there. Polutoragodovalaya Her daughter slept in a child seat in the rear seat. Mother decided not to wake her. It should be noted that the rear glass "Mitsubishi Lancer" are tinted, but this shade - translucent, factory, and the girl was bright pink clothing (ie, to see the baby through the window from the street was easy, I'm sure the mother).


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