For the administration of the city - Bus Palace (6 photos)

And who buys them? And the answer is found. ADMINISTRATION VOLGA!

 - The audit by the auditors of the Accounts Chamber revealed that the purchase of this bus was spent almost eight million budget! - Said the deputy of the Volgograd Regional Duma Oleg Pakholkov. - However, we have every reason to believe that during this Autolimousine officials are not fully paid. And eight million - is just one payment on the lease. The price of such piece of buses - from 18 to 25 million rubles. In prices last year - a million dollars! And these taxpayers' money has yet to be put out of their pockets to cover debts to suppliers.
Elite woods, special type of glass and furniture made of genuine leather designed to ensure the comfort of the leadership of the city, even in the long journeys.
For each passenger have separate plasma monitors, the bus is equipped with Internet access, satellite television for watching TV. The bus is placed toilet, kitchen, bar, cloakroom, shower room and a sleeping compartment. But that's not all. Bus this model - the first domestic masterpiece with autonomous power supply from its own diesel power plant.


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