The accident in St. Petersburg (9 photos)

I do not want to comment on anything. There are different versions.
In a nutshell, one died on the spot, seven injured.
A witness wrote:
I went with my family (2 years old daughter sat back in his chair and his wife in the same) in the direction of the field in the left lane. He looked in the rearview mirror. There is to me as to a standing post (although I was in the flow of 50-60 km.) I flew like a bullet, a jeep. I did not notice where he maneuvered. ... But a moment later he was flying towards me tumbling through the air as in the best traditions of Hollywood cinema. I shied across Bochin left. The front is almost broke, but that she saved her daughter. These 2 tons went from her face in a 30 cm. And then he flew off somewhere. Later I realized that he shied Ford flew me tsepanul passing. Then he landed on Mathis. The rate had been at times more than I do, because I saw him from behind and in a split second he was flying in front of me. This guys horror. When you fly in 2 ton SUV spinning, and you have a baby in the car. He struck me the glass, blood, screams. Glass covered with automatic. do not switch even parking. Rental. He stood on the sidelines. My alive. Damn. It forbids, somehow at once. Glasses all full pants. While shaken out - I look back. There's smoke, screams. I went there. Passing by Ford and then my nose the smell hits. The smell, such that there is nothing it can not be confused - the smell of death. It's still a child, somehow remembered. Buried in Belarus one uncle. And I caught the smell. It's so sugary sweet. And here, too, I heard it. But the guy was still kind of alive. He pulled out of the Ford, but the smell of it ... So the guy died in a few minutes. I can not explain. But I can not not write. I, oddly enough for a movie I have attitude. And a plate in his eyes I saw looked. Three more heavy. God grant that survived. But the jeep drove - I told him not to judge - but let the answer for all mesilovo. No one had asked him to fly.


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