Rating of the most expensive cities in the world in 2009 (20 photos)

The study, conducted by Mercer, the most expensive city in the world has become Tokyo, Japan (last year's winner was Moscow). Rating changes associated with the financial crisis and the fall of the dollar.

Next, the 20-ka the most expensive cities in the world in 2009:

20th place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (52 - position in the ranking of 2008)

19th place in Helsinki, Finland (21)

18th place in Rome, Italy (16)

17th place in Tel Aviv, Israel (14)

16th London, UK (3)

15th CARACAS, Venezuela (89)

14th place in Oslo, Norway (4)

13th place in Paris, France (12)

12th Shanghai, China (24)

11th place in Milan, Italy (10)

10th Singapore (13)

9th place in Beijing, China (20)

8th place New York, United States (22)

7th place in Copenhagen, Denmark (7)

6th Zurich, Switzerland (9)

5th Hong Kong (6)

4th place in Geneva, Switzerland (8)

3rd Moscow, Russia (1)

2nd place in Osaka, Japan (11)

1st place in Tokyo, Japan (2)


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