Unusual findings in the stomachs of sharks

1. In 1821, the newspaper told of a sailor, who unsuccessfully tried to catch a fish on a bait instead of metal dollars. "Four days later, at a distance of 300 miles of his comrades caught sharks and dolphins, which were found in the stomachs of three hooks with dollars", - said the publication.

2. One sheep's head and legs of lamb, crab, "horse foot" and some mysterious "sea owl" - that an inventory of the contents of the stomach shark caught in 1823.

3. In the same year found in the stomach of a shark six-pound cannon ball. As suggested by the author, the core attached to the dead, to bury him in the sea, and a shark ate a dead man with a load.

4. Bundle of documents from the American brig "Nancy", who posed as a neutral vessel, - that the British sailors found inside the shark during the American Revolution, said the publication. Curiously, the shark opened on the orders of the captain, to re-use bait - a piece of pork.

5. "The beast had seven rows of teeth, with three rows of almost plunged into the upper gums ... His belly found partly decomposed body of a man - a well-dressed, middle-growth: a white shirt with pearl buttons, silk undershirt, cotton socks, shoes almost new" - said in a report from the New Orleans of 1856.

6. During a storm from the deck of the ship "Jutland" washed goose belonging to a second operator to Tate, tells the newspaper. As for the goose leg was attached tag with the name and address of the owner, the fishermen who found the bird in the stomach sharks, Tate brought her, and he fried goose and ate.

7. In Brisbane in the belly of a giant shark found all sorts of differences, including sheep's clothing, and an unusually large crab.

8. "The stomach is a pair of human feet, shod in boots" - about a shark izlovlennoy in Fiume.

9. In 1922 he was removed from sharks live turtle. She transferred to the New York Aquarium and named Jonah.

10. When was the Sydney Aquarium brought a live shark it spewed from the mouth of a man's arm with the tattoo. "According to the tattoo and fingerprints revealed that the hand of James Smith, who, according to police, was killed and thrown into the sea", said the publication.


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