Limousine Refrigerator (6 photos)

Unemployed resident of the city Gorlovka (Donetsk region), thundered in the whole district (and now, it seems, and all over the internet) their "limousine Refrigerator" donors of which were old cars and products of local plant chillers.

The entire front of the house yard 38-year-old self-taught master Vitaly Adaricheva takes a huge snow-white car with the word Limousine. Once it was a simple old Mercedes 116 a gray color, but the designer wanted to go to the limo. In addition, as noted by the inventor, he never worked as a welder and a grinder in the hands not holding.

To build a miracle machine, the creator of cars began to gather around the neighborhood to anybody unnecessary refrigerators "Donbass". Those who opened with a long handle and a different body strong. Elongation of the body, which is almost 120 cm, went 4 of the refrigerator.


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