Why not trams? (4 photos)

In the community ru_auto was asked a rhetorical question - "Why do not trams?»
The answer is very simple, due to the special category of drivers, so-called "vodyatlov" who go around traffic jams on the tramways ...
Townsman blogger writes:

Trams stopped about 8:20 today.

Why did they stop?

They blocked the road "Mazda 3" stuck on an obstacle vehicular traffic on the tram routes.

Before entering on these paths hanging sign "Passage prohibited", popularly referred to as the "brick". But Mazda drove. And stuck.

I walked to the subway one kilometer. However, for me this walk is not a problem. I used to held 5-10 kilometers per day in Moscow. It's a pity only that because of today's walk, I was late for work, what does not count.
For me, the rain wandered pensioners, in the wake of the procession hobbling on two crutches disabled.
A tram all stood and stood.


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