Frozen soap bubbles (7 photos)

Soap bubbles are frozen at a temperature of about -7 C.
To bubble quickly turned into a ball of ice, enough to throw him a snowflake.
Snowflake comes in contact with the bladder and from it in all directions will run a bead of ice.
And the type of crystallization is the same as that of the snowflakes.
That is, you can select it in advance, catching snowflakes and seeing them on mitten ...

More can be frozen bubble, if gently put it on the snow.

Because of its small thickness of the bubble film with the remains of plastic, so that if you drop a former soap bubble on the ground, it will not be broken into many fragments of ice. Instead, the bubble formed dents, and if you drop the ball harder, it will break into pieces, which immediately twisted together into a tube.


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