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In today's photo galleries you will see:

- The boy with no arms and legs in Sri Lanka;

- Draw for the World Cup in South Africa;

- Chile Funeral singer Victor Jara;

and much more ...

Muslim pilgrims perform the final round (tawaf) around the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque, which is located in the holy city of Mecca. (Mahmud Hams / AFP / Getty Images)

Locals go to partially dry riverbed of the Yangtze in Wuhan, China. (Stringer / Reuters)

Reporters carefully consider the bike on the road in the city of Schermbeck, West Germany, after police seized Peter Paul Michalski, one of the two prisoners who escaped from prison in Aachen last week. Michalski and Michael Hekhov serving a sentence for murder and attempted murder, were caught on Sunday. (Frank Augstein / Associated Press)

A visitor looks at an installation by Darren Almond, which is called «Tide 2008" (Tide 2008) and consists of 567 digital clocks. The picture was taken at the Royal Academy of Arts in London on Tuesday. The exhibition which will be held at the Royal Academy from December 3, 2009 to January 31, 2010, presented the recent work of 35 artists. (Peter MacDiarmid / Getty Images)


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