Winter in the world!

While the government of all countries trying to hook us on another senseless tax to combat global warming, Mother Nature proves the opposite!
The first week of the new year, both in principle and in front of him, was surprisingly frosty worldwide. In Britain, a strong frost, snow and ice disrupted airports and schools. In Spain, due to heavy rains and snowfall in the south-west of the country were flooded roads and houses. In the US, farmers are trying to save a valuable crop of strawberries and other fruits in Florida, where as the temperature dropped. Although there have frost and snow and positive aspects - in Berlin, people immediately grabbed the sled, in Scotland playing curling.

Girl hiding from the heavy snow under an umbrella with the UK flag, passed by the Houses of Parliament in London on January 6. Due to heavy snowfall were closed airports, major roads, and hundreds of educational institutions, in addition was stopped filming the soap opera «Coronation Street». (AP / Alastair Grant)

Girl holding a piece of ice from the fountain at Trafalgar Square in London on January 5th. Meteorological Service of the country confirmed that the Christmas period was the coldest for the UK over the last 25 years, when the temperature dropped to -17 Celsius. Commuters and passengers faced delays flights. (Getty Images / Dan Kitwood)

Woman rolls a child on a sled in the border village of St Boswells January 6 in Scotland. According to the Met Office, the Arctic cyclone was the coldest in the UK over the last 30 years, and residents of several districts, including Hampshire and Oxfordshire, advised to be vigilant. (Getty Images / Jeff J Mitchell)

Swan floats on the River Thames past winter landscape January 6 in Henley-on-Thames. Weather Service issued a warning about the cold and snow, capturing the southern district of Scotland and the north of England. Meteorologists reported that this is the heavy snowfall in the UK over the last 23 years in some areas of England fell to 40 cm of snow. (Getty Images / Oli Scarff)


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