Presidents rest

The heads of the great powers and are able to relax and have fun and joke.
A few photos of American presidents, made free from negotiating and signing decrees time.

George W. Bush as president, dancing with Assane Rhondda and West African dance troupe "Kankuran" during the event on the day of malaria in the Rose Garden at the White House April 25, 2005. Drums - Meduna Yasin Guy. (UPI Photo / Roger L. Wollenberg)

Former US President Gerald Ford shows emotion miss a beat backhand during a public charity tennis May 2, 1978. Ford has teamed up with professional John Newcombe against the opposing team - the candidate for the post of Minister of Justice Jim Baker and his partner Dick Stockton. (UPI Photo / F Carter Smith / Files)

Ronald Reagan starred as Professor Peter Boyd in the 1951 film "Bedtime for Bonzo." This is a frame from the film with his partner - chimp Bonzo. 40th US President Ronald Reagan put an end to communism and the Cold War. Ronald Reagan died on June 5, 2004. (UPI / File)


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