Not a fake curiosity

We started as a home renovation, in particular glued wallpaper. Furniture that does not interfere pushed off the walls. Here I stand in the gap between the wall unit and the wall, working. In the same process involved the entire rest of the family, which is located on the other side of furniture.
Cut wallpaper, plaster glue, give advice, and so on. D. The most intense interest for this event shows my cousin sister (8 years), my greatest pride and love. It is in everybody's way and get underfoot. In general, actively involved. At one point in this epic I reach somewhere up shaky stool flips and I fall down on the road hitting the wall of the cupboard and the floor. By shaking with cupboard falls porcelain pitcher and shatters. And here I sit on the floor, rubbing his bruised leg and among all and erotic on the other side can hear full of genuine curiosity question my little darling:
 - A pitcher he crashed on his head?


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