I was then nearly three years there. Organized by parents for me and younger brother of Santa Claus, which took no salt. He came to us and entertain guests, then left.

I saw how his father saw off the door and somehow sideways glance at me slyly sryli to the bathroom, and I said so: "Go to all play!". I thought it was oh how mysterious. So when he returned to the company, I went there too. In the corner of the bathroom was a staff of Santa Claus. Now I can say that this was our backup for linen rope tinsel wrapped, but not then! (Wee naive !!!) And all eat, drink, laugh, celebrate, and then I enter the room. With his staff. In tears and snot. Father:
 - What happened, why are you crying so?
 - Dad! Why do you staff grandfather stole ?!
All were silent for three minutes.


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