Children of the 21st century

My friend's wife was in the hospital, nothing any scheduled scan. But his wife in the hospital for a week and a half, and he like a lot of work to do evil, so that the evening sitting. So I called for help grandmother - my mom - to help educate a child. (kid 5 years) The first night she came from my grandmother laid child to sleep. Do not listen to any advice (I supposedly know better!). And I went to the nursery carrying under his arm a volume of Pushkin.

Well, he is drinking tea in the kitchen himself, and thinks, you never know - never a fairy tale from the book the child does not fall asleep - but it can get with my grandmother ...
And the truth - not the sound of the bedroom ... And then the voice of the child "Mouse!" Silence ... Then again, "the Mouse!»
Che is?

And then (already in full voice) "Grandma, but you do not understand! How old clicked fish !!! He clicked the mouse, a mouse! »

(a child of the twenty-first century - 5 years was well versed in the computer, but the first time listening to The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish ...)


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