Keeper - in Slavic mythology, the great goddess, along with Rod gave birth to all things. She was escorted everywhere Radiant riders, personifies the sun. Cult of Bereginia was presented birch - the epitome of the heavenly lights, light. Over time, the birch was the most revered in the "Rusal" - a feast for Bereguinias (mermaids). Bereginya known by many names, including mythological systems in other Indo-European peoples. In Slavic honoring the most commonly used name - Lada.

Some concepts of Slavic mythology goes back to ancient times such that it is difficult and sometimes even impossible to determine how and why they came to be called that way and the role played in the life of our ancestors. This is some impersonal forces: Bereguinias, ghouls, navi. Perhaps between them did not even have a clear distinction in the beneficent and malicious, they were honored with the same zeal. Gradually formed clearer images of gods and goddesses, acquiring a specific look. Adoration BEREGINYA was combined with the worship of Rod and Mokosh - patrons of fertility.

Some scholars believe that the name "Keeper" is similar to the name of the God of Thunder and Perun with Old Slavonic word "pregynya" - "hill covered with forest." In turn, the word is related to the word "Breg", "Bearer". But the evocation rituals, spells Bereguinias accomplishes usually elevated, hilly river banks.

No less significant is the word "guardian". After all, the great goddess was created to protect its people.


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